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Your Child Stays Fit and Makes Friends

Our after-school pick-up program in San Antonio, Texas, helps kids develop an active lifestyle and make friends. With extra-curricular activities in public schools being downsized rapidly, it's important for children to have something to do after school. Sunburst Gymnastics Academy has the perfect solution in addition to our regular classes. Sunburst is not a State licensed day care, but offers a "gymnastics only" after school pick-up and care program.

Affordable Rates

After-school activities are especially important to developing young minds and bodies, so we offer affordable tuition rates for our pick-up program for kids. After a $60 deposit and $40 registration fee for one child and $20 for each additional child, our tuition costs $240 each month and is due on the first of the month. Your deposit will be put toward paying your June tuition or your final month. A written notice is required 30 days prior to withdrawal.

Attendance Policies

Never worry about scrambling to find a babysitter for your child because our program follows the NISD school calendar. We make sure we are always prepared to host your child after school, and we cannot offer refunds or make-up days for illnesses, holidays, or other missed days. For your child's safety, we require notification if your child will be absent or if someone else will be picking up your child. A photo ID will be required by whoever picks up your child. Students must be picked up at 6:00 p.m., and a $5 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes that they are not picked up.

Gymnast Practitioner

Gym Rules

Kids of all ages have fun during our after-school programs where they learn new skills, stay active, and make friendships that last a lifetime. We do have a few basic gym rules, however. Leotards or shorts and a t-shirt must be worn. There cannot be buckles, zippers, or buttons on pants or shorts and t-shirts must be tucked in. Children must bring a snack to eat or money to purchase a snack. A snack account may be set up in the gym office. In addition, the following rules also apply:

No Jewelry Except for Stud Earrings | Hair Must Be Pulled Back and Out of Face | No Gum Allowed in the Gym

Schools Served

Sign up today to ensure that your child has a spot in our program. We are currently serving the following schools:

Elrod | Carson | Fernandez | NW Crossing | Braun Station | Timberwilde