Sunburst Gymnastics Academy 

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PS class aged, M&M-walking - 2 yrs, Comets-3 yrs, Novas-4 yrs.

Thank you so much for your interest in our preschool program!

Here is an overview of the program. 

- Age based classes

           Mommy & Me: Walking to 3 (45 minute class), Comets (55 Min Class): 3 to 4 and Novas (55 Min Class):4-5 

- Monthly themes that are incorporated into our lessons

- Set circuits for all groups which change bi-weekly

- Regular coaches training 

- 3 events per class as well as a warm up and closing activity

- Skill of the month

Each of our circuits focus on multiple levels of preschool development including coordination, balance, colors, numbers, following directions, and of course gymnastics progressions. 


Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling classes

Rising Stars Classes (ages 5-8) and Shooting Stars Classes (8 and up) include training on all 4 Acrobatic Gymnastics Olympic events. These classes are grouped by age and then by skill level. Classes include Gymnastics, Trampoline, goal setting, conditioning, flexibility. Our programs are built with progressions and focus on positive experineces. 

Tumbling Classes (ages 5 & up) include training on our spring floor, rod floor, tumbling trampoline, and infround trampoline.  These classes also utilize our foam pit to maximize training.  Tumbling classes focus on ground skill and arial skills to maximize ability and build whatever skill base the athlete wants to build.