Sunburst Gymnastics Academy 

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Sunburst is happy to be able to offer an affordable place where your children can go and complete their schoolwork while enjoying the day!  When they are not online or doig their required schoolwork they will be training their gymnastics and tumbling skills.  SGA is offering this program to provide options to families that are not sure if they are ready to attend in school learning yet.  Students will be socially distanced during all schoolwork times and all COVID cleaning and safety procedures will be in place at Sunburst.  


-Distance Learning will begin at 8:00 and end at 3:30 Monday - Friday. 

-All school and Federal holidays will be observed. 

-Grades 1 and up are eligible.

-After school program will be available to distance learning students. (with extra cost)

-Students will have their own workspace that is socialy distanced from other students.

     Distance Learning program*              ½ day option Distance Learning *
             8:00 – 3:00                                              8:00 – 12:00
            $155/ week                                              $100/ week
          $45 single day                                         $40 single day

                                 Early drop-off (7:30) $40/week

          *Space is limited and program is "First Come First Serve"


                             Not a State licensed day care.

Reqirements and Rules

-Every student must be enrolled in a qualified ISD, charter school, or home school program. This is not a homeschool program. NO TEACHER WILL BE AVAILABLE.

-All students are required to bring their own device to access the internet.  WiFi will be available. Earphones are required with all devices.

-Students are required to bring all reqired materials and supplies. Including pens, pencils, paper, art supplies, backpack, notebooks, folders, and anything else they wiill need to complete their schoolwork.

-Every student must bring a daily schedule and adgenda with times so facilitators can keep students on task.

-Every student must bring a lunch and 2 snacks.  No food will be provided or shared.


·         No student with illness in their family will be permitted.

·         Facemasks are required when not participating in gymnastics activities.

·         Temperatures taken at the door (<99.5 will not be permitted).

·         Cleaning procedures in place hourly, between events, and nightly.

·         Any Covid exposure will require quarantine following CDC and city guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

·       Is this a homeschool program?

No, everyone must be enrolled in a certified ISD or private online curriculum to be enrolled in this program.  Our staff will only be facilitators.

·       Are there age restrictions?

Yes, Students must be enrolled in 1st grade or higher and be able to do their schoolwork without a teacher physically present.  Students must be able to adhere to rules and regulations of the gym

·       What do students need to bring each day?

-A device that is wireless compatible to do all schoolwork on.  A laptop or tablet.

-A charger or power cord for that device.

-A backpack with all supplies and materials required for individual curriculum.

-Labeled water bottle large enough for the time at the gym.  Water fountains closed.

-Lunch and 2 snacks.

-Comfortable clothes for schoolwork and activities.

·       What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick with a cough, fever, or any Covid-19 symptoms they will not be allowed in the facility. We are following all CDC, City, and County guidelines.  For sick days there will be no credit, make-ups, or refunds.  If your child misses 5 days in a row they will be credited for another week of our Distance Learning Program with doctors release.  Credit will not be applied to any other programs. 

·       What will they be doing when not online schooling?

Your child will be online schooling and doing schoolwork as required by their individual curriculum.  When they are not required to be online or doing assignments, students will be working on a progressive lesson plan in our gymnastics program.  Each student will have a skills list and report card with skills and progressions to help them improve and have fun. Games and fun will be a part of the day also.  This will be the most fun they have had while “in school” ever!!


With any other questions or concerns please call 210-680-0944 or email